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Family Friendly Fun in Ridgecrest

Looking for family friendly fun in Ridgecrest? You don’t have to look far. There is plenty to do with your family in Ridgecrest. These include a museum, parks and restaurants. There are a couple must see museums located right in Ridgecrest!

Maturango Museum, located at 100 E Las Flores Ave and open Sunday through Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm, is packed with information and exhibits that showcase the desert region. Staff at the Maturango Museum are welcoming and informative. To see the full museum plan to spend a few hours wandering through the museum and learning from all the exceptional exhibits.

Another family friendly outing could be visiting the parks. The one must see park in Ridgecrest is Petroglyph Park. The park is home to many native plants and wildflowers. Ancient petroglyphs adorn the rocks and there are also plenty of fun activities for the children such as, a slide, swings and a rock-climbing wall! The park is outdoors so be sure to check the weather forecast before heading over to this fun park.

After enjoying the museum and park, it’s usually time to appease the appetite and hungry children. What better way to do this then to go to a family-oriented restaurant? Depending on your taste pallet, Ridgecrest offers American, Asian, Mexican and many other types of cuisine. The go to American restaurant to visit would be Kristy’s Family Restaurant. Kristy’s menu offers kid approved kid’s meals and delicious desserts. For Asian Food, check out Bangkok House Restaurant and share all ordered dishes as a family. Not in the mood for American or Asian? Mexican food is the way to go! Oasis Mexican Restaurant offers authentic Mexican food with portion sizes that will fill those hungry children’s bellies!

Ridgecrest, will you be going to any of these places with your family? If you have been to any of these places, how did you like it?

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Ridgecrest, Conveniently Located for Adventure

Ridgecrest residents live close by to some very interesting and famous locations. Ridgecrest is only 30 minutes from the Trona pinnacles, 1 hour and 30 minutes from the highest point in the continental US, Mount Whitney and the lowest point, Badwater Basin in Death Valley, being only 2 hours away.

Ridgecrest is uniquely located west of the Trona pinnacles. The Trona pinnacles have been the focus of professional photography, Hollywood blockbuster movie scenes and countless adventure seekers looking to witness the mind boggling towering mineral composed spears that seem to defy gravity. If you are planning to visit the Trona pinnacles be sure to bring extra drinking water and your camera to capture your experience!

If viewing large calcium composed spears isn’t your thing or you would just like to experience a view of large trees and cooler weather, Mount Whitney is only an hour and a half from Ridgecrest! Many tourists from around the world come to the Mount Whitney to try to conquer the tallest mountain in the contiguous United States, which stands at 14,505 feet.  After conquering the highest point of the contiguous U.S., come back to Ridgecrest for a bite to eat at one or a few of many tasty restaurants or get some rest at one of the clean hotels in town then head over to the lowest point in the Continental U.S.. Only two hours away is Badwater Basin in Death Valley. If you do plan to visit, come during the northern hemisphere winter as it can get up to 130 degrees during the summer. Death Valley has some of the most extreme temperatures.  

Are you going to visit any of these locations now knowing how close you are? Or have you already checked out these places since living in Ridgecrest? Which is your favorite?

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Stepping back in time: The city that existed before Ridgecrest

Can you imagine if the citizens of Ridgecrest came together and decided to rename the city? What a preposterous idea! While this seems like a wild idea, it has happened before to this very city.

Ridgecrest started as a farming community in approximately 1912 and according to Wikipedia was named after the local dairymen, James and Robert Crum. Thus, the city was known then as “Crumville”.

In the mid 1900’s, the city would finally take the moniker of Ridgecrest and became a full-fledged incorporated city in 1963.

While the name Ridgecrest is here to stay, do you have any fun unique names that you think would be appropriate nicknames for the city? Leave a comment below!

For further reading, check out the High Desert Journal which showcases some pictures of Ridgecrest from the 1940s and 1950s:

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Ridgecrest’s Favorite Pizza Place!

The Pizza Factory is certainly a contender for Ridgecrest’s favorite pizza restaurant. With 94 Yelp reviews and 3.5/5 stars, it is clear that Ridgecrest residents love this pizza restaurant. Located on Triangle Drive, Pizza Factory is conveniently located near the movie theater and military base entrance. Pizza Factory has a full menu from salads to BBQ chicken to personalized pizzas. Vegan and vegetarian Ridgecrest residents also have delicious pizza options as pizzas are made to order and can be personalized according to taste preference.  Ridgecrest pizza goers rave about their family friendly atmosphere and friendly service on review sites. Pizza factory is the hot spot to go in Ridgecrest to hold children’s birthday parties or post sports dinners with the team.

John’s Pizza is another local favorite, located on South Norma Street and Ridgecrest Boulevard in Ridgecrest. Rated 3.5/5 stars with 25 reviews on Yelp, the establishment gets especially high marks for their friendly service, tasty bread sticks and pizzas. Ridgecrest patrons love their always delivered warm breadsticks and fast friendly service. John’s Pizza has a variety of items to order such as, the “taco pizza”, “turkey grinder” and salads. If you are looking for fast Italian food in Ridgecrest, John’s Pizza is the place.

Which one of these pizza restaurants do you prefer? Or do you have another suggestion?

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What are the internet options in Ridgecrest?

Many of you are likely wondering which internet providers serve the Ridgecrest area. Luckily for us, there are a couple of options available.

Both Mediacom and Frontier cover over 95% of Ridgecrest properties and offer internet service to residents. Mediacom offers speeds as high as 200 mbps with prices from $49.99/mo to $79.99/mo.

There is also a local fixed wireless provider that serves the area, IWVISP. Although IWVISP covers all of the Ridgecrest area, speeds are currently capped at 3-10 mbps. The monthly price, according to the IWVISP website, is only $50 per month.

Two satellite internet providers, Viasat and Hughesnet, also offer internet options to Ridgecrest residents. While satellite internet provides higher latency and is not ideal for gaming, it is an option that is available especially for those who are off-grid or not in close proximity to utilities.

What internet provider do you recommend in Ridgecrest?

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The Ridgecrest Register Publishes Its First Entry

The Ridgecrest Register, a collection of journal entries contributed by Ridgecrest residents, publishes its first entry. We are looking for active contributors to the Ridgecrest Register. Please email if you are interested in contributing. Our goal is to support Ridgecrest by providing a free platform in which residents can view and submit journal entries.